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MDSB Solutions provides comprehensive solutions for race- and sportsbook operators that wish to go the extra mile. We are specialized in providing full range design and support for land-based as well as online sports wagering services. Our clients can count on a dedicated team of professionals that has gathered vast experience in this ever evolving industry. Our team members are personally committed to provide the solutions required to enhance the end-users, your clients, the most exciting sports betting experience.

We aim to provide a solution for every sports betting related need of the sports book operator. Our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and develop Sportsbetting platforms
  • Integrated Point of Sales Systems
  • Odds graders and Lines management
  • Risk management
  • Cash management
  • Financial reporting
  • Data analytics
  • Remote access
  • Troubleshoot and Tech support (in Spanish and English)

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Our team is comitted to provide excellent and innovative services to our valued clients. The following list is not exhaustive, but provides insight in the various services and support that can be expected from our team.

Computer hardware and software consultancy services

At MDSB Solutions we offer consultation services to our clients and provide guidance on the selection, installation and implementation of existing hardware and software systems to set up a full fledged race- and sportsbook operation. In case the client has specific needs we could also design the computer network and software to meet the client's needs.

Race- and Sportsbook Operations

Upon request MDSB Solutions could also take care of the operations of your race- and sportsbook. In the LATAM and Caribbean markets we have extensive experience in operating full fledged race- and sportsbook at casino's of renowned hotels.

Risk Management

In order to optimize your profits and guarantee the sustainability of your sports wagering business, the risks incurred for the offerings should be managed properly. At MDSB we have experienced risk managers that establish odds according to the rapidly changing data, monitor liquidity and model customer behaviors. Our experts can also provide training in risk management, if required.

Cash Management and Financial Reporting

Our state of the art integrated platforms include features that allow the race- and sportsbook managers to efficiently manage the cash flow and be able to conduct the collection and payments of winnings smoothly. This cash management feature is supplemented with our financial reporting feature, which guarantees a transparent financial reporting experience for management and other stakeholders.

Account based wagering

Our state of the art account based race and sports wagering platform provides the ultimate convenience experience for the customers, since it allows online access to their accounts via their preferred mobile device. The regulators also welcome the use of this platform, as its record keeping and reporting features allow for easy access to the information required for the enforcement of the applicable regulatory frameworks.

IN PLAY wagering

It is established that in this current day and age a race- and sportsbook can not reach its full potential by employing the traditional ways of wager offerings only during stoppage of play and commercials. Our premium In-Play wagering solution, with our game changing animation for almost every event, is critical for your organization to retain current clients and maximize your profit potential.


In the Caribbean and LATAM markets we provide our services to various clients with race- and sportsbooks located in the casino’s at reknown hotels and resorts. A selection of our satisfied clients include:

Our Portfolio

Our team continuously designs and develops websites, platforms and other crucial solutions for our clients. Check out our portfolio and pay close attention to our newest product, the IN PLAY wagering on:

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Please contact us to learn how we can be of added value to your operations

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